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Ohh— ugh, alright. E-n-g-a-g-e-d. To Naruto. Happened over a month ago. [Cue the dramatic sigh and the longest eye roll she’s ever given.] Don’t act so surprised, seriously!

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Don’t act so surprised.

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[Deep breath.]


[And then, we exit. Excellently executed, Yamanaka, as always.]

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[/ He hugs her tightly, standing up and spinning the girl in his arms around. Naruto was a pretty reckless person and he knew that. He was a boy that was notorious for making decisions without thinking the through properly, or just not thinking about them at all.

This was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions he’d ever made. It was one that the vessel had thought a lot about, going so far as to making a list of pros and cons. That was it — there were no cons.

He could find absolutely nothing wrong with being with Ino for the rest of his life, waking up next to her, having kids with her. Anything her was just perfect.

She was the best thing to him, and for him. 

Pressing a lingering kiss to the woman’s lips, he cried. Naruto would deny it later, but there were tears in his eyes as he looked down at her. ]

Mrs. Ino Uzumaki. Sounds nice, right?

[She wasn’t sure what to do. She’s so full of all these emotions, she’s scared, happy, excited, nervous— and then Naruto was spinning her around. Of course he was. She lets out a few short, sheepish laughs at him, eyes looking fondly down to her boy. Her boy… her fiance was more like it.

The thing was, Ino had never been big on commitment like that. Flings, those were what she liked. Friends with benefits, have fun and don’t have feelings to fuck things up. But not when it came to Naruto, it had never been like that with him. She’s kissing him back, delicate fingers cupping his cheeks. Ino Uzumaki… how funny, it was, to hear her name like that.]

Sounds about right, yeah. God— we’re engaged

[She moves one hand back to run through her hair, eyes fluttering shut as she let out another one of those sheepish laughs.]

Dad is gonna slaughter you.

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That’s good. That’s really good.

[/ He pulled back from her, immediately going to hold her face gently between his hands. Naruto placed kisses across her cheeks, her nose, her jaw, and eventually one on Ino’s lips. The smile lighting his face was enough to leave his cheeks aching after only a couple moments. ] 

God, you’re beautiful.

[/ After only a moment’s hesitation, he pulled back completely, holding onto only one of her hands. He kissed across her palm, before dropping to the ground. On his knee. The one knee. ]

I don’t want to lose you ever again, y’know that? I wouldn’t trade you for all the ramen in the world. Will you, prettiest kunoichi in Konoha, marry me?

[Ino can feel herself laughing, grinning while Naruto’s warm lips are kissing across her face. She’s missed this, missed the fond feeling that washes over her when this boy is around her. The kisses, the touches.. it’s just all so familiar and welcoming to her. She never wants for it to go away. She doesn’t want to forget how he’s made her feel.]

Mm, I know.~ Naruto, you’re only stating facts we’re all aware of—

[Suddenly, he’s kissing her palm. He’s on his knee, he’s— no, no there’s no way he’s proposing to her right now. Her free hand is covering her quivering lip, blue eyes wide as she stares down at him. But she’s nodding, god, she’s nodding because there’s no way she can speak right now. So she simply drops down to her knees and envelopes her arms around him, head buried into his neck. Never once has she stopped nodding, because there are no words she could offer him to express how much she wants for this to happen. There are even tears in her eyes and— god, she just loves this boy so much and he’s so overwhelming.]

[So, until she can find her voice again, she’s hoping and praying that nodding and holding him close will suffice as a substitute.]

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